Going Green pt.3- Fall in Love with Castile


What a funny looking bottle, filled with propaganda haha. But alas, this is my beloved Dr. Bronner’s.

I think that a lot of people don’t know what to do with liquid castile soap, let alone know what it is. It’s liquid soap concentrate. It’s made from olive oil. This brand is organic, ethically sourced, vegan, and cruelty free…and maybe a *little* pricey. There are other brands, but I cannot recommend them.

This is considered a household staple and a base ingredient to natural living. It is greywater safe- meaning, you can dump it on the ground without causing pollution, or bathe with it in open water. It’s a LOT of work to make it yourself (unless you care to melt some castile bar soap), so it’s easier to buy. This isn’t an issue, however, because the bottle is made of recycled materials, and can be recycled. This company also makes a variety of products, including bar soap. I’ve mentioned that I used the bar soap in my homemade laundry soap recipe.

It’s also non-toxic, free of all the nasties that are considered carcinogens, air pollutants, dyes, and endocrine disruptors. You can get it in a variety of scents or unscented, and can use it on your baby. I appreciate that the scents are from essential oils and not synthetic perfumes. My favorite is lavender.

Aside from these factors, it’s the USES that make this soap so valuable. Taken directly from the site, here are some uses and ratios that this soap can be used for:

Body wash- use a few drops of concentrate

Shampoo- 1/2T worked in hair or diluted with 1/2c water

Bubble bath (they SAY it doesn’t bubble, but it does)- I just squirt some in

Shaving- a few drops from concentrate

Dish Soap- mix 1:10 with water

Mopping- 1/2c to 3gal water

Cleaning the bathroom- 1:4 with water and 1/4t tea tree oil

Laundry- 1/3-1/2c per load and 1/2c vinegar to rinse cycle (for fabric softener)

Household pests- 1/4 tea tree oil soap in a quart of water

Washing pets- use concentrate

Veggie wash- a dash in a pan of water

All of these and more can be found here at the Dr. Bronner’s site and blog.

You’ll also hear about this soap from No Impact Man, who is a man who tried to lower his footprint as much as possible for a year (his documentary is on Netflix and its AWESOME). He expressed his value of this soap because it replaced a lot of bottles and waste that were created by buying all of the above products (laundry soap, dishwashing soap, bathroom cleaner, etc.).

So there you have it. I’m a Dr. Bronner’s cheerleader 🙂



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