The DIY I will NEVER do again


I saw this adorable castle from a post on Pinterest. It’s the wooden castle that you can buy really cheap at Michael’s, and it had been turned into a Harry Potter castle. I was thinking it would be an adorable gift for my son for Eid al-Adha, with some peg people and accessories. I already had a ton of little wooden dollhouse toys he could play with, so it sounded like a good idea.

I drove an hour to Michael’s and picked it up, sorting through the castles that were there, looking to see which were in disrepair. I happily went home thinking this was going to be a fun project.

A month later, I still had not started it. I hadn’t even decided if I was going to paint the outside or leave it plain. I had no plan.

At some point I decided I was going to Modge Podge brick-print scrapbooking paper to it. This seemed like a brilliant idea, considering that the paper was fairly cheap. Joanne Fabrics had a sale at the time too.

I quickly discovered that the sheets were an inch shy on each dimension to be used to cover an entire side of the castle. I had to cover each side using FOUR DIFFERENT SHEETS. This was not the end of my heartburn.

As I persisted, tracing each side onto sheets and making it work, I realized just how complicated those windows were, the edges, and eventually the hardware on the end that keeps the castle shut. Oye ve.

At one point I realized as well that the paper was bubbling profusely. Even pressing the air bubbles did not work.


The point I began swearing like a sailor was when I went to glue on the end pieces and realized AFTER GLUING THEM that I had not cut out the end windows. Oh…it gets better. You can’t trace from inside because the windows are blocked by stairways. I had to press the paper into the window and cut the edges.

Phew. Then it was done. And the bottom edge curled up. *dies*

But- I gracefully completed these adorable peg people.


Even better, I had bought this little stable at Michaels as well, and I needle felted the cutest dragon to go with it!



So it wasn’t a total loss, and I really think the people and dragon came out nicely, but I will be damned if I ever decoupage anything again!

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