I love yardsales


Whats worse- the condition of this chair or my grainy cellphone pic? Ha! But, I have no complaints because I got it for a dollar! I love yard sale bargain stories!

I’ve been looking for one for quite some time, but thought the expenditure too pricey for something that my son would outgrow in a few years. Most unfinished wooden children’s chairs run about $65-95. However… a dollar I can do!

The reason why it is so important to have child sized or child-accessible furniture is that it teaches them independence and makes them feel welcome in the home, like they have their own place. I never understood this theory until I read about Montessori method.

It needed some work. Most rockers dismantle in the same place, but with a little wood glue and a rubber mallet (best investment EVER! I’ve used the damn thing in so many projects!), the back was put back into place. A paint scraper took off the letters which were hot glued on.


I decided to paint it using a combination of patterns that I had seen on Indian work and Mexican work, using some of my acrylics. I always go with a high gloss paint on furniture because it has more enamel in it, which is resistant to dings and heavy wear.

Here’s the finished product! Its far from perfect but I LOVE the character!







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