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Most of you know who this is. This is Sally Fallon. She wrote Nourishing Traditions. She “eats fat to lose fat.” Can’t you tell?

If you have read Nourishing Traditions, you might guess why I hate Sally Fallon. She trash talks vegans.

Now, I LOVE Jesus- and he taught me to live and let live. I will let Sally Fallon cherry pick science and scientific studies and make them appear like they support her theories. I will ignore the fact that she has ZERO formal education in the field of health or nutrition. I will even look the other way when she tells American’s exactly what they want to hear- that they can eat as much cheese, milk, eggs, and meat as they want and actually LOSE weight!

But Sally. You messed with the wrong ma’ama jamma when you trash talked my lifestyle.

Sally Fallon single-handedly hijacked the work of Weston A. Price and created her OWN foundation based on said work. So the first task at hand is actually understanding the REAL work of Weston A. Price. A synopsis of his work and education is here. This article points out that “Describing one lacto-vegetarian people, for example, he called them, “The most physically perfect people in northern India…the people are very tall and are free of tooth decay.” In fact, fallacies related to the Weston A. Price foundation can be seen in this article, which points out peer reviewed studies contradicting many points made by Sally Fallon. More studies can be seen in this lecture by Dr. McDougall which directly point out that Ms. Fallon doesn’t have a modern grasp on scientific method, and cherry picks the studies she chooses to highlight.sally fallon dogAdditionally, Sally Fallon is a carnist who promotes animal murder. The definition for carnism is as follows:

“Carnism is the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals. Carnism is essentially the opposite of veganism; “carn” means “flesh” or “of the flesh” and “ism” denotes a belief system. Most people view eating animals as a given, rather than a choice; in meat-eating cultures around the world people typically don’t think about why they find the flesh of some animals disgusting and the flesh of other animals appetizing, or why they eat any animals at all. But when eating animals is not a necessity for survival, as is the case in much of the world today, it is a choice – and choices always stem from beliefs.” –Carnism Awareness Action Network.

nourishing traditions

But more importantly, Sally Fallon gives health advice that is contradicting modern science and is NOT based on the work of Weston A. Price. Here are some examples of such:

She claims that high cholesterol and saturated fat are not the cause of heart disease and that most people don’t have a cholesterol problem. This is based on her idea that since people had heart disease under the recommended standard of 200 for cholesterol, that the indication was that cholesterol wasn’t linked to heart disease. However, an explanation of this basic concept is found in the above-linked video. The TRUTH is that just because people had heart disease with cholesterol numbers under 200, it doesn’t mean there’s no correlation- it means that the number should be lower. In short, people with cholesterol levels over 150 have heart disease. For a more comprehensive understand of cholesterol and heart disease, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has an article on it, stating,

Atherosclerosis is the all-too-common form of heart disease. Plaques of cholesterol and other substances, very much like small tumors, form in the artery walls and eventually, the passageway for blood becomes clogged. Less blood flow means less oxygen for the heart muscle. Chest pain (angina) occurs, usually following exercise or excitement. When the blood supply is completely cut off, a part of the heart muscle dies—this is known as a heart attack.- Source

Please check out the above linked source to see MANY peer reviewed studies on this matter. Here is another video by Dr. Esselstyn on heart disease, fat, and oil.

Sally completely ignores the massive studies indicating that animal proteins turn on cancer. For more information on how animal proteins cause cancer, please see this video lecture by T. Colin Campbell PHD. Also, watch Forks Over Knives, free on Hulu.

She claims that allergies, asthma, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems are from low cholesterol intake. In fact, scientific studies indicate that cholesterol has NOTHING to do with these factors, that they’re actually caused by preservatives, additives, and gmo’s added to processed food. I did a post on that here with linked studies.

She claims that low cholesterol causes low hormones and that we lack stress and sex hormones because of a society of low cholesterol.

  • 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and nearly half reported that their stress has increased in the past year – American Psychological Association.

  • Approximately 1 out of 75 people may experience panic disorder – National Institutes of Mental Health. –source

In fact, if Sally had any medical training, she’d realize that disease doesn’t usually cause stress, stress causes disease.

She claims that CoQ10 only comes from animal products and is crucial to muscle function. She’s right about one thing- our body DOES need CoQ10 for muscle function. That’s why OUR BODY MAKES IT. Guess what else our bodies make? CHOLESTEROL. In fact, even if it didn’t, CoQ10 is prevalent in vegan foods like soy oil and peanuts.

She claims that veganism causes tooth decay. I’m no dentist, but blaming fruits and veggies for tooth decay sounds beyond absurd. However, she claims that said tooth decay is from a lack of fat soluble activators found “uniquely in animal fats, egg yolks, and seafoods,” being vitamins A, D, and K.

  • Vegan foods high in vitamin A- Sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, and butternut squash
  • Vegan foods high in vitamin D- mushrooms, collard, turnips, mustard greens, almonds, and kale
  • Vegan foods high in Vitamin K- broccoli, kale, spinach, collard, swiss chard, and romaine

Here’s an idea Sally Fallon- how about tooth decay is from sugar, carbonation, and processed foods (otherwise known as the Standard American Diet).

She claims that the birthrate in the United States is down because of soy estrogen, which is causing infertility/conception problems. Actually, Sally, fertility rates in the US have been proven to go down due to the prevalence of our chemical load, particularly endocrine disruptors like BPA and factory waste, combined with our national stress levels, poor healthcare availability, and our OBESITY EPIDEMIC. Do you know why overweight and obese people have fertility issues? Because of poor circulation and oxygen, poorly managed glucose, vitamin deficiencies from processed foods, and the chemical load stored in our fat tissues.

Do you know what other plants are full of phytoestrogens, the estrogens that Sally claims cause infertility? WHEAT, OATS, BARLEY, and BEANS. For a comprehensive understanding on how phytoestrogens effect the human body, and a link to 24 peer reviewed studies, please see this link at PCRM.

She claims that Celiac Disease is caused by a low fat, low cholesterol diet that deprived the gut from forming properly. As I’ve mentioned in this post, Celiac disease is actually genetic, and the gene is speculated to being unlocked by GMO’s (just like cancer genes are unlocked by GMO’s). Do you know what else unlocks genes? Animal protein. Deductive reasoning would stand to say that animal products could cause Celiac Disease.

She claims that a vegan diet is “Shielding children from proper nutrients” and quotes a “study” done in Holland of poorly developed children and that children need cholesterol for brain development which “only comes from animals.” As I’ve mentioned before, our bodies make sufficient cholesterol. There are also no studies indicating that cholesterol is responsible for brain development or that animal sources of cholesterol are necessary in human diets. In fact, many things are responsible for brain development- like the nutrients in a plant based diet. Sally claims that vegan children are overweight or underdeveloped, which is a gross generalization of a population that she has not studied. Her claim that children on a vegan diet lack b12 is also incorrect. All vegans know that they have to take a b12 supplement if they’re not eating fortified vegan foods. In fact, the reason why b12 is no longer prevalent in our diets is because it is a naturally occurring bacteria found in soil and absorbed by plants, and factory farming- especially the meat industry- has destroyed the topsoil in the US that held those nutrients. The reason it’s found in animal foods is that animals eat a larger quantity of plant foods, so even the meager amounts of b12 found in plants today, is added up in the diets of large animals. The solution to restoring b12 into our soil and food is to stop over-farming to keep up with the needs of the meat industry (by farming vast amounts of grains for feed), and to stop developing CFO’s.

Furthermore, the diet that Sally Fallon recommends is neither humane nor ecologically responsible. Here is a video lecture explaining how even pastured meats and the model created by Joel Salatin is NOT sustainable. 

Here’s another argument as to why this model is not sustainable.

To hear these and other ridiculous quotes by Sally Fallon, feel free to check out these youtube videos of her:

Sally Fallon perpetuates the stereotypes of veganism by blasting “Vegan is Love”, a children’s book by Ruby Roth

Sally Fallon exemplifies poor scientific understanding of veganism

And in case you’re interested you can buy Ruby Roth’s book here.



10 thoughts on “Sally. Fallon.

  1. I love your blog and couldn’t agree more with your views (especially of the not so lovely Sally Fallon…eek!). I’m a gluten-free, vegan and so is my 2 year old and husband and I couldn’t imagine eating any other way. Aside from being healthier than we’ve ever been, we are eating in a much greener and more sustainable way than their dietary advice would recommend. Kudos to you for calling her out, someone needs to! ( :

    • Ashley you are like a breath of fresh air! My 2yro and 9yo are both vegan as well. My daughter went from being overweight (over-loved from Mom the food nurturer…) to DAZZLING! You guys will never regret your choice. And yes, SOMEONE had to call out Sally Fallon. The stuff she’s saying is dangerous. I really worry about close friends and family that follow her advice to the letter. Did you read that a member of her council at WAPF died of a stroke at the age of FORTY?!

  2. Excellent article! I’m pinning it. Sally Fallon’s claims are highly questionable, and she’s got a definite pro-meat, anti-soy agenda. I had never seen a photo of her, though–she is overweight and thick in the waist, which is hardly healthy.

    I’ve been disappointed for years at how many natural-living bloggers swallow everything Sally Fallon says without question…but in the past week, a lot of them have spoken up against the recent WAPF statement that mothers who don’t eat WAPF’s idea of a perfect diet shouldn’t breastfeed! That’s so blatantly wrong and potentially damaging, I’m really glad that even people who eat a WAPF diet are speaking out against that particular claim.

    By the way, after the first time, you misspelled Weston A. Price’s first name.

  3. Big thumbs up and virtual hug. I had done a search on this woman because so many people had said she had no education or real knowledge of nutrition and when I found a picture I thought… “uhm… she is really overweight… just what are these followers following?” And then I found this post. I appreciate it for its honesty and truthfulness. Best of luck to all of you/us.

  4. You can’t get these people (WAPF) to change their minds. They are convinced they are right. If you show them the science, they claim that all peer-reviewed studies, medical schools, and so on are funded by “big pharma” and are biased, so they will not accept stacks and stacks of evidence. I have her book and tried eating that way (after 3 years of vegetarianism), and it made me sick. Yes, I like a few of the recipes in her book, but to eat THAT MUCH dairy, meat, butter, etc. every day? It made me sluggish. I am now going to make the switch to veganism soon. I have a few freezer meals containing meat and/or dairy in my freezer that need to be used up. After they’re gone (I don’t want to waste food!), I’m going veg! 🙂

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