DIY Hairclip Holder


I made this for my daughter. She’s 9 and has just now started showing interest in combing her hair because it’s SUPER curly since she’s Dominican. I know grown adults who can’t comb her hair, so she deserves way more than a high five.

When we organized her hair doo-dads, we found a LOT of clips and bobbies. some of them were mine from High School! The best part of this project is that it was mostly salvage.

To begin, you’re going to need the following:

A piece of corrugated cardboard

A piece of batting (I used Warm N’ Natural, which is used for quilting) the size of your cardboard

A piece of decorative fabric a few inches bigger than your cardboard

A piece of felt slightly smaller than your cardboard


hot glue


Begin by cutting your cardboard. It doesn’t matter what the dimensions are, make them personal to fit the space you will be hanging this and according to your needs.


Then cut a piece of batting the size of your cardboard and glue it on with hot glue. You can do this by tracing your cardboard onto the batting, or cutting a piece larger than the cardboard and trimming it after you glue it on.

2 warm natural

Next, take your fabric and cut it to be larger than your cardboard. Face the fabric down, and then put the batting side of the cardboard down on the back of that fabric like this:

3 fabric

Next, glue the fabric over the edge of the cardboard and onto the back of it. Do not glue the fabric on the batting side. When you’re gluing the fabric, taper the corners as shown.

4 fabric

5 corners

For the ribbon, cut as many lengths as you want to meet your needs, but make sure they are long enough to go around the cardboard. Glue the ends of the ribbon only to the back of the cardboard and wrap them around the other end to be glued. Make sure they’re taut. Repeat this step with all of the ribbons, spacing them evenly.

6 ribbons

7 ribbon front

Lastly, finish off the back by gluing a piece of felt over the raw edges. This could be done with fabric if you tuck under the ends, but felt is nice because it doesn’t require that the edges be tucked or finished off.

8 felt

Hang it up and apply your clips by clipping them onto the ribbon!




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