To microwave or not to microwave


So here’s a surprise- I own and operate a microwave.

I thought that this was a pretty benign practice. I honestly had not even given it much REAL thought, nor research. I figured, I suppose, that since everyone had one and used one that there wasn’t anything wrong with owning or using one. Pretty stupid logic.

My first warning sign was at my old job. I was a nanny for a family physician while I was finishing my Holistic Health certificate. She had a 9mo son that I watched, and one day, while approaching the microwave, she told me not to let him near it. When inquiring why, she said, “Because no one is sure if microwaves are harmful yet.” Honestly, since the woman had previously chastised me for eating rice cakes, I just brushed it off.

But then, one of my brilliant readers left THIS as a comment on one of my posts:

“Kate if you are concerned about your health and that of your children enough to research vaccinations and provide them with the tasty delicious meals on your page why do you have a microwave ?”

Oh dear. I wasn’t even sure if I should approve it (and sorry for that!), lest I open a can of worms that I wasn’t equipped to defend. This is a VERY astute and brilliantly posed question. What WAS my reason for being a slave to my micro, when I had not even researched it?!

Well thank you- and you know who you are. Because of you, I have carefully researched my choice. I’m not sure if I’m capable of going without a micro, but I’m definitely going to try.

Aren’t you all curious what my findings were? Well here’s what I found.


The first article that I read was on the Daily Green. I honestly quite pissed off about how casually this article approaches the subject. In hindsight, this is a bias article. To someone who loves their microwave, however, it’s perfectly enabling. The article, entitled “11 Facts and Myths about Microwave Ovens”, addresses the “myth” about electromagnetic leakage from the ovens, and quotes, “Since we can’t very well grow people in controlled lab experiments, it’s very difficult to sort out the various risks we might get from fields emitted from power lines, cell phones, airplane flights, computers, clock radios, and of course microwave ovens. We know strong fields raise cancer rates and other problems, but what about the cumulative effect of small exposure, or effects on children? No one knows…” and then proceeds to quote FDA standards. Really? REALLY?! You’re going to quote an agency that promotes vaccination?! HA. JOKE.


Alright, so moving on. I got really excited when I read THIS article by Scientific American, indicating that I’d save 25% by using my STOVE and then quoted Home Energy Magazine. That makes me really freakin happy. I drink a lot of tea. And I LOVE to bake. Every. Damn. Day.

But oh NO’S! Then I found THIS article from Sierra that says that the EPA stated that using a stove instead of a micro uses 80% more energy. The THIS article from Science Blogs, says that the stove uses 5x’s more energy. Agh.

Wait. What would I be willing to pay to keep my family away from controversial amounts of electromagnetic waves? Ok, so maybe the cost argument is moot. But what about using up planet raping energy?

So let’s just say I’m ok with raping the planet a little to make sure I me and my kids don’t get cancer. Don’t judge me.

I just wanted to know if this was SAFE! Why is this so hard?


Erm. Look at THIS article from the Global Healing center. I really don’t know what to highlight out of the article because it’s all relevant, from the fact that you can’t micro breast milk, to the fact that Russians illegalized microwaves.

Well, I can read all of the hippy articles in the world, but it was this one that pointed out that there’s actually a disease called “microwave sickness” and other sites back that idea up. I actually have a few of these symptoms, and though I have other health issues that could be the cause, I’m sure that it could be part of the problem.

The nail in the coffin? THIS study, from an Italian scientist, published in the European Journal of Oncology, National Institute for the Study and Control of Cancer and Environmental Disease. I don’t know what is going on in Italy, but I’m rather proud of them. They’re proving that vaccines cause Autism and that microwaves are dangerous. *high fives*


So microwaves are bad, and you should not use them.

My thought train did not end there, however. I live on the end of my building, and we have a bunch of smart meters right outside of my kitchen. I found this article, but it was very hard to learn how those were harmful. Apparently the World Health Organization says they’re carcinogenic. Yikes.

Also, in this post, I mentioned the dangers of cell phone radiation, and I’ve made steps to get a phone that was one of the lowest in radiation on the market. Here is the link to learn about limiting cell phone radiation exposure.

Last, if you want to go on a rampage, check out this article on limiting your own personal radiation exposure. Be prepared to give up a LOT.

Most importantly, your microwave.

Tinfoil hat


One thought on “To microwave or not to microwave

  1. I purposely gave up my microwave almost three years ago. It’s been a transition, but I think it helped me be more conscience about what I was cooking and eating as well. It takes a bit longer, but that just means I have to be more on top of things. Truly, it takes maybe 5-10 minutes to heat up most things on the stove and I have a toaster oven which I use for smaller portions to save on energy. So, thank you for this blog. Good luck!

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