Breaking the boring: Sewing a coloring bag for my little man


Ok, I’ll admit it- this blog was getting a little boring. I had a lot to say, and I let loose with a few rants.

But I’m here to break the stereotype that January is the month that you need to make yourself a list of to-do’s. For real, what is WITH that? Every site either has some challenge or to-do list, and honestly, it’s a pretty stressful way to start the new year.

I have been busting my hump since AUGUST! That’s right- harvest season went straight into crafting season, and I was hauling butt to get holiday presents completed, special dishes cooked to substitute things at family dinners, and attending get-together’s. Now I’m sewing gifts for my son’s second birthday.

From there, I have a few million projects to complete. There is no dead space between now and planting season.

On a side note, you should be saving your toilet paper tubes if you’re going to be planting alongside me. They can be cut in half and the bottoms folded to make seedling cups.

So here is the latest project. It’s a little bag with 8 washable crayons pouches and a small coloring book. My son LOVES to color, and I can name about a dozen places that he could bring this- there’s even a little extra room to sneak in some cars or some small dinosaurs.

I picked out this little book at Target, but a small notepad would work just as great. This one had stickers.


For the sides of the bag, you’ll want 2 pieces of fabric, folded in half horizontally with the fold at the top. The fabric will be 16×8, to make an 8x8in square when folded (and ironed).

pouch side cut

You’ll also want 2 more strips of fabric, 7×8, and you’ll want to fold them the same way, to make a 3.5x8in strip, with the (ironed) fold at the top. These will be the crayon pouches.

crayon pounch cut

And you’ll also need two strips of fabric that are 11x2in. Iron them in half horizontally, then iron the sides horizontally towards the ironed middle. Iron the entire thing in half again. This should tuck your raw edges in to make a strap, like this. Sew these down the center to close them shut.

ironed strap

Next your going to put the crayon pouches on the bottom of the big pieces (the sides of the bag). Measure half an inch from each side and place a pin. This will be your edge marker. From left to right, you should have 7in across the bottom. At the top of the crayon pouch, measure the middle (at 3.5in) and put a pin, attaching it to the larger piece. Then measure halfway (1 3/4in), and place a pin. This will create 4 pouches. Make the same measurements on the bottom of the crayon pouch, and also place pins. It should look like this.

pinned pouch

Double check your work by holding a ruler to it from top to bottom.

measuring pins

Next, sew the pouches from the bottom up for the length of the crayon pouch. You’ll only sew three lines- don’t sew at the half-inch mark at the borders.

sewn pouches

Repeat this for the other side of the bag. Sew your straps to the sides of the bag at the top- I sewed mine using the strap as a guide- the width of the strap is how far from the side that I sewed it. Remember to sew them to the inside of the bag side (the side without the crayon pouch).

sewn straps

Lastly, pin the two bag sides together with the wrong sides facing out. Sew on each side and bottom. Turn it right side out and give it a good iron. Wait until it’s cooled to put the crayons in.

sewn sides





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