Plant-strong Stroganoff (gluten free)


Before I started eating a plant-based diet, I never really cared for stroganoff. In fact, the thought of crumbled meat in a cream sauce made my stomach turn, but NOW…enter, vegan stroganoff.

The best part about this recipe? I took me about 30min from start to finish! I paired it with leftover corn bread and some carrots, but it makes a good dish just on it’s own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pasta (I used one package of Tinkyada pasta)

Oil for your pan

A diced onion

A few cloves of garlic cut fine or grated

10oz mushrooms diced

peas (optional)

a bouillon cube (I used not-beef by Edward and Sons)

2c plain dairy free milk (I used soy)

2T Toffuti sour cream

2T tapioca starch (corn starch is also fine)


I began by adding a few tablespoons of olive oil to my skillet. I added my mushrooms and onions, and as they were almost browned, I added my garlic. I never add my garlic with my onions because it takes far less time to cook, and it will burn. I also never cook my onions on high- always on medium high. This prevents uneven cooking.

While the onions and mushrooms are browning, I mix my milk and starch with a whisk- make it smooth and get out the lumps. Then I added my sour cream, and my bouillon cube. It won’t dissolve all the way until it’s in the pan.

When everything in the pan is cooked, add your milk mix and stir it in well, and be sure to turn your heat down to medium. Stir in your peas. As the mixture thickens, it will cook your peas.

I put this over boiled and drained Tinkyada curly pasta.

Bam, you’re done!


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