Vegan Sheperd’s Pie

Have you ever tried to take a photograph of a casserole? It always comes out looking like a gooey heap of mess. Look, this is what my ARTISTIC photo looked like HA!

Anyway, the point is, this is one of our staple dishes back home. It’s gluten free, vegan, nutritious and hot! I’m not a huge fan of fake meat (it’s unhealthy and usually has gluten), so I actually use Amy’s Bistro Burgers. I’ve tried a few different Sunshine burgers, and while the “Garden” flavor is ok, I prefer the gluten free vegan Amy’s version. They’re flavorful, and nut free (my son can’t be around nuts).

Preheat your oven to 375.

I take a box of the burgers (there are 4) and I cook them over medium in a little oil (as directed on the box), breaking them into pieces.

Then you’re going to want to peel, dice, and boil 6-8 medium sized potatoes until soft. When they’re done, drain them, and put them in a mixer with about 4-5T of vegan butter or margarine, and maybe 1/4-1/2c dairy free milk (I add it as I go along so that they’re not like paste). Blend them up. They should look like this-

Next you’re going to layer it. Put the “hamburg” in the bottom of a 9×9

Then add a layer of regular organic corn- you can use frozen or half of a can, but it should be about this much-

Then add the equivalent of cream-style corn. Check the can and make sure that it’s organic/non-gmo, and that the starch in it is clearly labeled (modified food starch often contains gluten).

Next add your mashed potatoes:

Then sprinkle it with paprika and bake it until it’s golden and bubbling on the sides (about 45min).

This is intensely hot when it comes out of the oven, so I let it rest about 10-15min, then plate it, and let it cool.


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