Dolly Sleepover Finale: Play food

Yey! Miniature dolly food! It’s really hard to find play food for the dollies in craft stores, and while you can buy it for a pretty price on Etsy, it’s fun to make it yourself.

Of course, you can also draw or print off pictures of play food and glue them to cardboard as well if you’re not as artistically inclined, or you can do a combination of both.

This is a basic tutorial on how to manifest your ideas with clay. I recommend one of three clay types. The first I recommend is Makins brand, which is available at stores like Staples. It’s non-pvc and it’s pre-colored air dry clay. I could also recommend Crayola white airdry clay, which can be painted. Lastly, I could recommend Sculpy or Fimo, which are pvc based clays that you bake in an oven or toaster oven. It’s not exactly the healthiest option. All of these clays are gluten free.

First I’ll talk about doing juice boxes. Pinch off a piece of clay and make a ball. Squish it up against the table to make the edges flat, shaping it into a rectangle. Then take a much smaller piece of clay and roll it into a snake. Smoosh one end onto the box, and bend the top.

Next, cookies. Cookies are super easy. All you do is pinch off some pieces of brown or light brown clay. You can take regular brown clay and mix it with a little white or yellow to make it lighter. Then form small balls, and smoosh them flat like a cookie. You can roll tiny balls of black or dark brown for chips and stick them to the cookies.

You can also make fruit by rolling up balls of colored clay. If you want apples, roll red, or orange for oranges. I then make a snake out of green clay, and pinch off short pieces. Then I smoosh those onto the balls, which flattens them out like leaves.

Bread is easy too. Just make balls of brown clay, and smoosh them into loaf shapes by elongating them and tapering the ends. Then take a toothpick and using it sideways, smoosh score lines into the top of the loaves.

I also made sunny side up eggs. These are just small balls of white clay smooshed flat with balls of yellow clay stuck to the center.

Spaghetti on plates is a little more complicated. Start by taking a blue ball and smooshing it flat. You can slightly turn up the edges of the plates by jamming them up against your thumb with your finger edge. The spaghetti noodles are an offwhite clay (mix a tad of brown to white) turned into a long thin snake and piled up onto itself. Then I used a smooshed ball of red clay to make the sauce. For a meatball, I used a small brown ball.

And for the MOST complicated thing, I made pizza. I began by making a large plate like I did above for the spaghetti, only I made it out of gray clay to resemble a pizza pan. Then I squished out a large off-white ball of clay to be the crust. I didn’t smoosh the pizza to the plate- I made it separately. Then I smooshed another ball of red clay and stuck it to the crust. Next I made a white ball and smooshed that out for cheese, sticking it over the red. Each layer is slightly smaller than the one before it, so the crust and sauce show. For pepperoni, I smooshed small red balls of clay and stuck them to the cheese. Then I used a knife to cut the pizza into pieces. I let it dry separately in pieces so it wouldn’t get stuck together.

And there you have it. Experiment with ideas of your own, make a fruit basket or cornucopia!


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