Having a dolly sleepover- PJ edition

Remember that Strawberry shortcake dolly sleepover we had a couple days ago? Well, they needed nighties.

Granted, there are all sorts of ways you can sew tiny clothing- but depending on the child playing with it, you might want to do something a little more simple and durable.

In comes ecofelt. Ecofelt is a version of wool felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles. I bought mine at JoAnn fabrics. It’s super cheap! Fleece is really forgiving because you don’t have to finish all of the edges (like cuffs and hems) because it doesn’t fray.

I also added some little doo-dads that I had kicking around the house- some ribbon flowers, an old bead, a couple of weird buttons, and a sew-on gem. These items are also available at the craft store, as well as iron-on and sew on tiny patches!

I began by laying my doll on a piece of paper and fashioning a simple shape. I didn’t want the clothes to be too tight, because the dolls need to be maneuvered into them.

Once I had a “t” shape, I cut one out. Then I folded it in half and held it up to the fleece like this for cutting, and cut right across the top, to make a back piece that is wider.

The result is that you have the top, which is your first piece, and the bottom, which is the piece you just cut that is wider in the middle. Cut the back piece (the wider one) in half. The reason it’s wider is so that it overlaps in the back, allowing for velcro.

Next your going to cut a circular or v-shape in the middle of your front piece by cutting it in half. This will be the neck. Then you are going to blanket stitch around the edges. Don’t sew the bottom and sleeves shut!

After that, you are going to cut a piece of velcro in half vertically and sew it to the back like so:

Then you’ll have this:

Afterwards, you can sew embellishments on the front. You can even cut flowers out of felt.


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