Tofu Scramble

I created this recipe because my son has allergies, and also because typically, tofu scramble is made with dijon mustard which contains alcohol, and is not suitable for Muslims.

It’s rather simple, and makes a great nutritional, low-fat substitute to scrambled eggs. It’s also great for my finicky son who won’t eat animal products.

You can use a non-stick skillet if you’re not afraid of teflon, or you can use a well seasoned cast iron skillet and a scant amount of oil.

You’ll need:

1lb extra firm or firm tofu

1 chopped green pepper

1c chopped grape or cherry tomatoes

2-3T nutritional yeast (not Brewer’s or Baker’s yeast)

1t garlic powder

1t onion powder

1/2t turmeric

1/2t cumin

1/2t salt

1/2T dry mustard

1/2t water

1/2t white rice vinegar

1/2T veganaise

pinch of sugar

Put the tofu in the skillet on medium high. If you’re using a cast iron skillet, be sure to add a bit of oil first to prevent sticking. Break it up into pieces with your spatula- how you do this depends on whether or not you would like big chunks or crumbles (like you would use for a tortilla). Add your green pepper and tomatoes.

In a separate bowl, mix all the other ingredients. You can add more water if you like to make a better paste, but it will take the mix longer to cook.

Once most of the water from the tofu has boiled out and the veges begin to soften, add your mix and stir it around to coat the tofu. Continue to cook the mix until the consistency is to your liking. I like mine a bit browned.

This heats up well in the micro for a quick dish.


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