A Champ makeover: Champion bowl


Do you know what champ is? It’s essentially mashed potatoes with scallions with butter on top, and it’s typically eaten as a breakfast dish in Ireland. Well, I can’t have too many onions because of my allergies, and we don’t do many refined oils, so I called for an extreme makeover…

This is a great lunchtime goody to put in a thermos. I started making it for my daughter because she absolutely LOVES broccoli. Broccoli is very high in calcium and is great for vegans. She also very much loves mashed potatoes.

I typically steam up some frozen broccoli, but during the summer we use fresh local bunches. You should never boil your veges if you can help it. Vegetable sources of vitamins are slightly less stable, so they’re easily destroyed or leached into boiling water. Ideally, we should eat veges raw whenever possible, and often I’ll put raw veges with vegan ranch dressing in my daughter’s lunch box.

I also use this recipe from Happy Herbivore for mashed potatoes because it doesn’t require so much butter. In fact, it’s oil free! Can you imagine munching down on a bowl of mashed potatoes completely guilt free?! Believe me- you’ll try it a few times once you try this recipe.

So once your mashed taters are done and your broccoli is steamed, heat up your broiler or toaster oven if you avoid microwaves. I then pile the potatoes in a bowl, put broccoli on top, and put Daiya cheese over the broccoli. We prefer mozz style, but a lot of people would prefer cheddar. Then I microwave it until it’s melted. I actually prefer to use a toaster oven for things like this, but mine was covered in gluten. Obviously this process is easier if you’re heating up the ingredients for packing a school lunch.

And there you have it- champ with a makeover!


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