Vampire veges: Canning Beets

Have you ever wanted a pink kitchen? You’re in luck. Can some beets and you’ll have pink polka dots everywhere. Seriously. And pink hands to match.

So beets are a huge pain in the butt. Like tomatoes, you have to sort of blanch them. Put them in boiling water with the root and part of the stem on. Boil them for 15min, and the outside skin will come off easily, either by peeling or with a knife. Chop off the root and the stem. Cut them into chunks (we cut ours in pieces that were no bigger than 1in squares by 1/4in thick).

Prep your jars by washing and heating them. We put ours on steam in the dishwasher. Make sure you put your lids and rings in a pan to boil as well. Turn the heat off when they come to a boil and let them sit in hot water.

Line up your jars and put 1/4tsp salt in them.

Fill the jars with beets and fill the water up to the bottom of the rim. You should not have more than that in them because they’ll boil over and make your pressure cooker water sticky. This happened to us in every batch because I felt a little overzealous.

Bring your pressure cooker water to a boil. Place your beets in the pressure cooker basket to cook at 10lbs pressure. When there’s a steady stream of steam, place the knob on the top (the hula knob). When it starts to rock rapidly, start your timer for 30min.

Upon the end of 30min, turn your heat off. Wait before you remove your hula knob- the other knob will go down.

Cool your beets and wait for them to seal. You’ll hear a click and the lid won’t be able to be pressed in.


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