How to strip…cloth diapers.

I spent my weekend stripping. For those of you in the natural living world, you know exactly what this means. It means there was something funky down under. And I’m not talking glitter.

Nope, my son’s diapers had such a strong ammonia smell that it could have been used for tear gas. Coupled with the horrendous odor, we had absorbancy issues, and blisters from ammonia burn. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I was using tea tree oil to disinfect them, and I was using Calgon and doing a second wash to rinse out the soap. On top of that, my soap was homemade.

The problem was, I wasn’t doing it right. I have hard water, which means that the buildup wasn’t just from soap or other substances, it was from the mineral buildup as well. When buildup occurs on your diapers, it then harbors bacteria and odors.

After extensive research, I finally successfully stripped my diapers, and I’m going to tell you how, here.

First, bleach your diapers with hot water. I’m not talking peroxide. I’m not talking Green Works bleach. I’m talking the shit that’s $2/gallon at Walmart that pollutes our public water supply. When your diapers are so built up and far gone that you have knock-out odors and blisters on your baby, you pull out the big guns. And if you stay on top of it from now on, you may never have to use this hideous product again. This is not for whitening. This is to kill those nasties. I added 1.5c of bleach to a fully loaded top loader with a cup and a half of homemade laundry detergent.

Then, I started the washer back up again on hot and add 2-3 caps of Calgon. Let the washer agitate (leave the lid open) and let the diapers soak overnight. When you wake up, shut the washer and let it spin and rinse.

Next, one by one pull out your covers and liners. On the inside of the diaper covers and on both sides of the liners, spray Bum Genius’s natural enzymes. As you spray them, just put them back into the empty washer. When they’re all done, just let them sit in there for an hour. Then, fill the washer again on hot and use one wash’s worth of Bum Genius’s cloth diaper detergent. You can get both of these products at

When the load is done, put your inserts in the dryer and your covers on the line or a drying rack. Bam. Clean, stripped diapers.


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