Low Sugar Jams and Jellies with Pomona’s (Blueberry and Raspberry Jam)

I bought this at my local healthfood store- I prefer it over the regular pectin now, after working with it a few times, simply because it uses far less sugar than most recipes, and also has a honey adaptation. The jams I’ve made have the same thickness and consistency as regular jam, but the taste of the fruit is much more evident.

I made two different batches, blueberry and raspberry, as each batch that I made had approximately 5 jars.

To begin, you have to mash your berries. I’ve mentioned before in my post on canning strawberries that there is a kitchen tool called a masher that you can acquire. I do not recommend a food processor. For each batch of berries, you require four cups of mashed berries. This is approximately 1.5 quarts when mashed, but get two to be safe.

I put my jars in a large stock pot and brought the water to a boil, then turned off the burner and covered them to keep them hot.

You will also need to boil your lids and rings, then turn off the burner and let them sit.

The blueberry recipe and others require 1/4c lemon juice. Bottled lemon juice is sulfited to maintain color, so I grabbed a couple of lemons, cut them in quarters, and squeezed them. Be sure to get all of the seeds out.

Then you must mix the calcium solution. There is approximately 2tsps in the packet, which yields about 1c of calcium water.

In a saucepan, add the mixed berries, 2t calcium water, and for the blueberries, add the lemon juice. Bring the mixture to a rolling boil. This means a boil that doesn’t stop bubbling profusely when you stir it.

In a separate dish, mix about 1c raw cane sugar with 2t pectin. Add it to the berries when their boiling, and bring it to a boil for 1-2 minutes. The raspberries require a full 2min, while the blueberries may not.

You’re going to want to skim the fuzz off of the jam to keep crystallization off of the top of the jam.

Take out the hot jars, and pour the jam in them leaving a 1/4in head room, and put on the hot lids and rings. If after an hour the lids have not sealed (sealed is when they don’t make a popping sound when pushed), you can boil the jars for 10min. I boiled one of mine, but I was sure to put a steamer tray underneath it to keep it off of the bottom of the pan.


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