Gluten free vegan strawberry muffins

I made these on a whim at midnight and both of my children awoke with hunger pains, whelping that they wanted some. They’re incredibly aromatic, they’re healthy, and they have a great mouth feel. Did I mention you can throw them together in about 15 minutes?!

This is actually a recipe that I adapted from my all time absolute FAVORITE cookbook by Rebecca Reilly. She’s on my facebook *fangiggle* and I asked her if I could post her muffin recipe. Being the amazing kind lady she is, she was happy to oblige me, and here I am- sharing my favorite recipe!

I didn’t like muffins until Rebecca Reilly came along.

They were sandy and overly sweet and the fruit was overcooked- it was awful. I don’t like foods that are half starch and half fat. They’re miserable to me. A muffin ought to be a healthy component to BREAKFAST. You know- the meal you eat at the beginning of the day to fuel your fasting body. I shove these babies in by the fist-full as I’m making breakfast for the kiddos (usually porridge, oatmeal, or some version of tofu scramble- my son won’t eat scrambled eggs). These are also delightful for afternoon tea.

I have adapted this recipe because it’s aimed at both my family’s dietary needs, and also those of my friends. However, that is the beauty behind this cookbook- in this recipe in particular, Rebecca even gives recommendations for an egg substitute. You can make one out of tofu or flax. For a flax egg, bring 1/2c water to a boil and whisk in just 1.5t flax meal. You’ll want to cook it on low until it makes like an egg white and then let it cool. For tofu, you can simply mash 1/4c any tofu until it looks like ricotta cheese. I used her flax egg version for this recipe.

Basic muffins by Rebecca Reilly ❤

1c brown rice flour

1/2c cornmeal (I usually use almond meal)

1/2c tapioca or arrowroot starch

2t baking powder

1t egg replacer (if you’re starch sensitive, you can use more tapioca and arrowroot that you’ve ground yourself)

1/2t xanthan gum (or psyllium)

1/2t baking soda

1/2c oil (I prefer olive oil but the recipe calls for corn or canola oil. Unsweetened applesauce can be used effectively too)

1/2c maple syrup (the recipe calls for honey, and you can also use agave- the maple is more fragrant)

1/2c hot milk of your choice (I used soy- don’t use vanilla milks, use plain)

1 “egg”

1tsp vanilla extract

1c fruit (in this case, sliced strawberries…I may have used more than a cup haha)

Preheat your oven to 375. If you’re going to fold in your strawberries, I recommend muffin papers, but if you’re going to plop the fruit on top, I recommend greasing a muffin tin.

Combine your dry ingredients and mix them well. In a separate bowl, add all of your wet ingredients and wisk them together. Then combine the two. Fold in your fruit if you want. Divide equally over muffin tins. Top with fruit if you want. Bake about 20min or until golden brown. This makes about 10 small muffins, so you should double the recipe if you have a large family.

There you have it! Healthy morning muffins!


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