Healthy Gluten-free Vegan bread

Hmmmm toast. That’s homemade strawberry jam- what a great way to enjoy morning coffee!

I was eating a really great gluten free vegan millet bread- but recently realized that it’s made in a factory that is not dedicated gluten free. I understand that people may be gluten intolerant, but it seems really irresponsible to me to label something gluten free if it’s cross-contaminated. I’m hoping that Obama passes the piece of legislation that was proposed to him that would regulate the gluten free label.

But until then, it’s safer to make your own food- and often more healthy. Sure- Udi’s and Rudi’s taste really great. But they’re not cruelty free, or even organic. The eggs in those breads could be from chickens in battery cages, tortured their entire lives. And the sugar could contain bone char. Not to mention that they’re basically comprised of starches and refined flours that have little nutritional value or fiber. Do yourself a favor- if you’re going to do bread, do it right!

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m in love with The Flying Apron cookbook, and this recipe is their house bread. It’s simple and contains wholesome ingredients. The flavor is also really mild, so it’s great for toast, or even a pb&j!

Flying Apron’s Bakery House Bread by Rebecca Katzinger: 1 loaf

2 3/4c brown rice flour

1c garbanzo bean flour

1/4c flax meal

1.5tsp sea salt

3/4t xanthan gum (I can imagine that psyllium husks would be a reasonable substitute)

1/4 extra virgin olive oil

1/4c maple syrup

1c lukewarm water

1/2Tbsp active dry yeast

1/3c pureed pumpkin (or yam or sweet potato)

Preheat your oven to 300. Lightly oil your pan or stone if you have to, and dust your work surface.

Combine your dry ingredients. Combine the wet ingredients (sans pumpkin) separately with the yeast. After about 5min when your yeast has turned the mixture cloudy and bubbly, slowly add your dry ingredients by hand alternatively to the pumpkin.

Once everything is mixed, knead the dough on your work surface 3-4x’s. Don’t rough it up- I found this dough to be much like pie crust in that if you’re too rough with it, it will become tough and crumbly. Shape your dough into a 12in loaf and slash the sides gently to prevent cracking. Cook for about 2hrs. Let cool 30min before eating.

This recipe also comes with instructions for using this combination for pizza dough and flat bread, so pick up a copy!


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