They say that you know you’ve gone vegan when you start to take photos of your food. I promised myself this blog wouldn’t be about food, but it seems to be all I do lately- COOK. So let’s talk about lunch.

This is what I made for the kids and I today. I have fallen into sandwich monotony. Dirty confession here: My daughter loves luncheon meat. That gross stuff that contains god-knows-what. Half the time it’s organic. Half the time it’s not. And the bottom line is, it’s not healthy. And I feel guilty feeding it to her.

I tried egg salad, tuna, chicken, pb, etc., but she grew tired of it. We were tired halfway through the day (I hate sandwiches mostly, and resorted to salad, which isn’t caloric dense enough for my activity levels).

The REAL reason we resort to sandwiches is because it’s quick and easy. I have the WORST time management at that time of day, and I run out of energy because my coffee has worn off and it’s almost naptime. As a result, I’m working on a couple of ideas for making lunch quick and easy, that don’t include leftovers from the night before.

All this is, is gluten free brown rice pasta spiced, sauteed tofu, and steamed vegetable medley.

The pasta is fairly straightforward- I boiled it, added a bit of vegan margarine (tisk tisk, right?), and put Nature’s Season on it until it was spicy. The veges didn’t need butter, but we put sea salt on them. I find that I need to add a lot of salt to my meals because we eat very little pre-prepared food, but cut back as you see fit.

Now the TOFU was the beautiful part. My daughter was boasting to her friends that SHE got to eat TOFU on her BIRTHDAY.  I always buy organic soy products- it’s one of the few things that I won’t waiver on. This tofu block is extra firm, and you should press out the water and cube it. Let’s not debate on whether or not tofu is healthy. If you don’t think it’s healthy, go read something else.

See that? It’s “Not-Chick’n” bouillon. WOW do I love this stuff- it tastes pretty chicken-y, doesn’t have msg or anything artificial, is vegan, and is gluten free. The best part is that you can do so much with it. There are a lot of fake chicken seasonings out there, find one that works for you!

Put your tofu in a skillet with a cup of water and one of these cubes. Turn the burner on high and boil out the water so that the bouillon cube is boiled into the tofu. Once the water is boiled out, drizzle a very small amount of olive oil over it, and turn the heat down to medium high and brown it.

That’s it! Very easy- and the whole thing takes about 20min to prepare from start to finish!


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