Why buy bread? Make it!

Here’s a question: Have you ever heard anyone say “I prefer store-bought bread. It just tastes SO much better!”

No. Of course you haven’t. Which is part of the reason you should make your own- especially if you’re gluten free.

Folks, I was tired of eating cardboard. Tired of eating crap made of just starch. How ’bout a little glue for those intestines, eh? No. Thanks. And on top of that, most gluten free baking is either half sugar or half eggs. If you knew how chickens were treated in order to mass produce eggs, you wouldn’t eat them.

Bread is supposed to be NOURISHING! It’s supposed to be a healthy part of your diet, not something you throw over a few slices of meat and cheese. I want my proverbial cake and I want to eat it too- it was high time I came up with a vegan bread that was good for me.

And I did.

I started with this recipe from Living Without for Champion Sandwich bread, and then I adapted it. FYI, I’ve made it the way that it says without adaptation, and it does NOT yield those results. I have tried over and over, making 2 loafs, one, and on and on. My results are ones you can count on, but if you want to experiment with their recipe, be my guest!

Here’s what you need to begin- Blend:

1⅓ cups whole grain brown rice flour
1⅓ cups tapioca flour starch
1⅓ cups potato or corn starch
1 tablespoon potato flour

This makes a little over 4 cups. Put 2 cups in a bowl, and put 2 cups in a jar for later. This recipe will be for one loaf. Don’t panic over the starches- this loaf has added fiber and omegas.

Next, in the bowl with the 2 cups of flours, add:

1.5tsp xanthan gum

1.5tsp egg replacer or tapioca starch

1tsp salt

1/4 coconut flour or almond meal

In a separate bowl, combine a package of yeast or 2.5tsp with one cup hot water and 2.5T vegan cane sugar or agave. Let sit 5min.

When your yeast is “proofed” it will look puffy like this and smell like yeast

In a separate bowl, combine 1.5T flax seed meal with 4.5T boiling water. Let sit 5min.

When your flax is done, it will be gel-like

In a separate bowl, combine:

2T Earth’s Balance butter or margarine, or coconut oil.

1T Bragg’s vinegar

the bowl of  yeast, water, and sugar

the bowl of flax and water

Add this bowl to the dry ingredients. Mix well with a spoon, and finish mixing by hand.

If you’re not using a non-stick pan or glass pan, you may want to grease the pan with coconut or vegetable shortening, and then dust it with the extra flour or cornmeal.

Put the dough into a loaf pan or two small loaf pans to rise. Cover with a dish towel and let sit for at least an hour. Due to the density of the loaf, it doesn’t quite double in size. I often put it in a hot water bath and then set it on the stovetop, covered still, while the oven is pre-heating. Bake at 375 until the bread is crusty and golden brown and sounds hollow when you knock on it (about 45-60min). Don’t let it cool in the pan- break it out so the bottom crusts up well and doesn’t get soggy.

Two little mini loaves…


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