Making a Kitchen Witch

I ordered a book online by Salley Mavor. It changed my life.

The book is on making tiny felt people. She uses wool felt, but for ethical reasons, I have been using ecofelt, which I’ve mentioned before in felt fruit making, and it is made of recycled bottles. I haven’t been able to stop.

Now ok. You’re probably looking at this book thinking it’s a little advanced. I have to admit, making tiny dolls that are 1.5in tall is a little intimidating. But thrown on your glasses and give it a whirl because to be honest, it’s not that bad! Once I got the hang of it, I began making my own creations. Here are a few:

I think this little one is 3-3.5in tall

LOL OOPS! How’d that lil guy get in there? 😉 Just kidding. He’s not a faery. He’s a little GNOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I digress. So my sister’s birthday is tomorrow and I had no idea what to get her, so I decided to make her a kitchen witch. A kitchen witch is a German folklore tradition that believes that by hanging a witch doll on a broom in the kitchen, it wards off bad spirits and brings success to your cooking.

I began by making brooms. I used materials from the back yard and old jewelry wire. Sometimes realizing I have thinks like jewelry wire makes me question if I’m a hoarder…how far can I ride the “art teacher” thing out?

I should have warned you that this is a messy process. Just assume that everything I do is going to be messy and you’ll never be disappointed. Next I adapted a pattern from the book and began making bodies and clothing.

Then I put arms on.

The pattern calls for beads for the heads, embroidery on the felt, and a few other things. I ended up breaking out the hot glue gun, which I’ll explain someday, is deeply satisfying to me. The end result (the suspense was killing you, admit it), was this gorgeous little 3in kitchen witch…

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to order one, or one of the above pins.

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