The beauty and practicality behind an apron: Aproning at it’s finest.

That’s me in this early morning. Wrinkled and pallid, quiet and breathless. I try to start my morning with five minutes outside in the cool summer morning air to prevent the inevitable tension headache of my day to come. My daughter has ADHD and she’s home from vacation, making my normal household duties twice as difficult.

Lately, when I get dressed, I put on my apron before putting on my shoes. It wasn’t always this way, but my son has started walking, which means diapers are harder and messier to change, sticky hands and drool attack my thighs and midsection, and I wear more of his lunch than he eats of it.

And then I realized. This is a very basic homesteading concept.

Aprons are to protect your clothing from messes, but also ruin. The chances of staining, rips/tears, or wear are reduced. If you don’t think you need an apron, consider these tasks that would benefit from “aproning”:

  • Bathing little ones
  • Cooking and baking
  • Doing dishes
  • Cleaning up little ones
  • Washing dirty laundry- even in a machine, clothes must be stain treated and sorted
  • Cleaning a catbox or petcage or washing and grooming the pets
  • Cleaning out the refrigerator or taking out the garbage
  • Scrubbing floors
  • Gardening
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Making crafts- especially painting and basket making
  • Nature walks (think pockets and flying sticks)
  • Making essential oils
  • Canning
  • Harvesting/picking or visiting the farmer’s market
  • Hanging laundry (again, think pockets and staying dry)
  • Making candles
  • Making soap
  • Collecting wildflowers or herbs

And there you have it. There are many more occasions (aside from wanting to look like a total Betty, since aprons are sexy), but the majority of my days are full of tasks that just benefit- if not NEED- an apron. If you don’t own an apron, don’t worry. Look at these aprons my mother got at a thrift store- they’re GORGEOUS (vintage aprons are so cute).

Admittedly, I often forget I’m actually wearing an apron, and have been known to wander out into the public with it on. I get a few looks, but I’m more likely to get looks for wearing a hijab. The just assume the apron is par for the course, HA!

Half apron or full apron is totally up to you. It’s sort of like the pants/dress/jumper debate. I prefer loose pants because I do a lot of floor time with my son, but in the winter, I’m too cold without a few skirts on. A lot of it depends on your height. I’m 4’10” (you read that correctly- I’m legally a little person.), so everything is up higher, which means that a task like laundry or dishes means I’m going to get my midsection quite dirty. But if you’re taller, you may find that you benefit more from a half apron. Half aprons are good for time in public as well, as they attract less attention, and your children aren’t wiping their boogers and banana fingers (fruit is fast food AND fits in a purse) on your skirt or jeans.

But if you can’t get your hands on an apron, no worries, there are a LOT of basic apron tutorials online if you can sew. If you can’t, I again recommend Etsy. Please don’t visit a big box store. There are so many artisans that make so many affordable and beautiful creations, and there are so many overflowing thrift stores like Goodwill. My grandmother and daughter used this pattern to make this lovely apron for me:

And this one came from a local artisan:

And this one came from my gram’s closet, it’s a tunic style:

I may or may not make a post about a small apron I intend on making for my daughter if I get around to it. But in the meantime, happy hunting!

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2 thoughts on “The beauty and practicality behind an apron: Aproning at it’s finest.

  1. I have the tunic style apron (we used to call them dusters) that I wear while getting breakfast in the morning to keep my work clothes nice. I actually put on my sweater over my duster and headed out the door! I can only imagine what they would have thought had I not noticed before I got there! So funny. I’d love to find a pattern for the tunic style with either snaps or velcro fasteners.

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